Silvia Ventura

Three concepts spread all across my work. Nature, texture and language.

NATURE. It leads all I do. Nature invites me, shows me, inspires me, teaches me. It is always a landscape though it may not be that clear. A simple flower, a leaf… is landscape to me. A shy horizontal stroke is skyline.

TEXTURE. Matter, the tool, my natural expression. Matter can sometimes be dense, coarse, almost aggressive. May also be voluptuous, smooth, velvety… Always tactile. And then gesture, my gesture that transforms. It dominates or tries to, it also simply gives in.

LANGUAGE. Visual poetry is natural to me. I come from the language field, from writing, from text. Words are part of my work, even if under the heavy matter where it can’t be seen. It’s always there. Asemic or with semantic value. A scratched doodle, a line cut out from a book or from a print… Words of mine or borrowed ones. My work needs them.

I build up adding, feeling, almost smelling. Layer after layer. It is experimentation and trial. I follow my senses. I research each topic, each word or inspiring art master.Using everyday materials that were not meant for art purposes feels like victory. And my art piece is woven like in a fertile cloth.

And it is from that fertility that I tell a story. Mine or the spectator’s. Whatever story that needs to be told, there I am.

Art is a generous experience. It has allowed me to meet extraordinary people. Teachers, colleagues, students, spectators. Myself. Art is an essential part of what I am. I am Silvia Ventura.