Writing workshops

for artists

Let’s write about our work

Practical tools to help you write a conceptual and/or poetic text.
This workshop is designed by a visual artist -with formal training and experience in the field of literature, writing and text styling- for artists that need to improve their skills when writing about their work or the poetics of their project, beyond the simply descriptive. Today, we artists need to be able to write about our work as it is essential to apply to galleries, art institutions, grants, residences, and so on. It is what this workshop aims at.

Text development, follow up and organization

Customized individual tutoring on text writing for a specific portfolio, webpage, artist’s statement, bio, project presentation, and so on. Training focuses on investigation, research and text design for specific purposes.

Let’s write our Statement

As an artist, it is a must to write your artist statement. It is as important as your art itself. Moreover, the process is a very rewarding experience to help you focus on your work, think of yourself as an artist and make clear what you want to express. It is essential for your webpage or your portfolio, to apply for a grant or enter an art contest, to ask for an exhibition space, etc. This workshop will give you the tools you need to carry it out.

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